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Will rising gas prices impact commercial property owners’ long-term costs?

According to research carried out on behalf of the Gas Safe Register, the hike in heating bills has caused people to turn off their boilers early in an attempt to save money. Not only this, the research also suggests that nearly a third of people will skip booking their annual gas safety check this year.

While it’s a known fact in the industry that regular servicing will ensure the proper and reliable functioning of a boiler, it’s possible that commercial property owners looking to cut costs and save money may do so by cutting corners on their boiler maintenance.

The Gas Safe Register’s new campaign – Switch Off, Check On – was launched to educate boiler owners on the false economy and safety implications of not servicing a boiler. It also educates on the benefits of servicing a boiler, particularly just before boilers are switched off for the summer.

If boilers don’t receive regular maintenance, wear and tear and malfunctioning parts can cause faults like gas or carbon monoxide leakages. In fact, experts recommend that all gas appliances should be serviced – for commercial properties that could be office kitchen cookers and pipework.

With the costs associated with boiler repairs and replacement far surpassing that of a boiler service, there’s every reason why industry bodies are encouraging people to keep going with their boiler maintenance despite the rising costs. Maintain your boiler with boiler services by Asbury today!

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