School Holiday Boiler Servicing

Giving you peace of mind & saving time and money

The school holidays are the perfect time to let our engineers carry out maintenance to your existing school’s boiler systems.

With our school holiday boiler servicing, we will inspect your school’s boiler, checking for any damage and corrosion, applying any repairs if applicable. We can also tell you if your heating systems will continue to function for the near future.

As one of the longest-standing commercial heating services providers in the South, read on to learn why you should trust Asbury Heating to service your school boiler.

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Why service your boiler in the school holidays?

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Servicing in the school holidays provides minimal disruption

Boiler issues can take from a few hours to a few days to fix. We may need to turn off the heating or hot water to replace any faulty parts. By doing this in the hotter months of the year when staff and pupils are not present will result in far less disruption than servicing during term time.

We offer regular boiler maintenance services for schools

We provide regular commercial maintenance contracts to give you peace of mind that you have quick access to a team of professional engineers, who are qualified to attend gas, LPG, and oil-fired boilers and pumps.

We can schedule boiler maintenance to always take place during a school holiday, too.

Your boilers and water systems should be maintained regularly to ensure any issues aren’t worsened over time due to neglect.

With regular boiler maintenance from Asbury Heating, you can rest assured knowing we will take care of any problems with your school’s heating should they arise.

Avoid costly repairs in term time

We know that controlling the temperature is important, as well as having functioning hot water in the school toilets. If the boiler fails, and students can be disruptive and start to moan.

Should you find that you need your boiler repaired urgently (maybe hot water has failed during summer schooling lessons), we offer a 24-hour emergency call out to address your school’s heating situation as soon as possible.

Trust Asbury for your school boiler servicing

For over 60 years, Asbury have been helping local businesses in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, East and West Sussex and Surrey with all their commercial heating needs.

Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers are fully qualified and skilled in boiler, air heater, pump and pressurisation equipment. We operate a fleet of services vans that are fully equipped for boiler servicing and emergency repairs.

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Stay cool this summer!


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