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Legionella Risk Assessment for Schools

Protect Your Students And Staff With Expert Legionella Testing For Your School

The safety of your students and staff is your number one priority. That’s why it’s so important your school’s water system is regularly assessed for signs of Legionella.

Legionella is a potentially deadly bacteria that can grow and multiply in a building’s water system. If a person breathes in tiny water droplets containing the bacteria, they could become infected with a serious type of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease. Legionella bacteria can also cause a less serious illness called Pontiac fever.

Legionella testing is a legal requirement for all businesses and institutions. To learn more, view our page on legionella testing and risk assessment.

Ensuring Your School’s Water Is Safe

With years of experience analysing water systems for signs of Legionella, you can trust the team at Asbury Heating to ensure your water is safe for all who use it.

We strive to make the testing process as non-disruptive as possible, and are happy to perform the risk assessment during school holidays or outside of school hours. The testing process usually only takes a few hours.

School Water Fountain Min 1024x621 1
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Why Do Schools Need Legionella Testing And Risk Assessment?

Your school’s water boilers and water systems should be tested regularly to ensure your students and teachers are not exposed to any harmful bacteria.

High-risk water systems include:

  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Safety showers and sprinklers
  • Fountains and water features
  • Spray humidifiers, misters, air washers, and wet scrubbers
  • Equipment that produces moist air (e.g. air conditioning units)

Should any concerns with your school’s water system arise, you can be rest assured that we will be on the scene as soon as possible to ensure your systems are safe for use.

Why Choose Asbury To Carry Out Legionella Risk Assessment For Your School?

Since 1962, Asbury has been providing institutions in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Sussex with high-quality heating and water testing services.

We have in-depth knowledge of government regulations and the latest Health and Safety legislation in your local area. We are fully safety certified, use top-of-the-range equipment and testing kits, and offer a professional and friendly service.

Get In Touch Today

For more information on how we can risk assess your school’s water system, get in touch via our contact webpage or call our team on 01202 745189. We’re happy to offer advice on what type of service your school requires. We’ve also answered a whole host of questions related to school heating in our guide to school heating.

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