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Are UK Schools Allowed to Open With No Hot Water?

We often take the luxury of turning on the tap and getting hot water for granted. However, it’s not uncommon for older or lower-quality hot water heating systems to underperform or stop working altogether. This can lead to frustratingly slow warm-up times or, in some cases, no hot water at all – even when the tap is set to its highest setting. This issue is particularly common in larger or older buildings with a high density of occupants, like schools.

If you’re in charge of managing heating or hot water systems in a school, you might be wondering whether the institution can legally and safely operate without access to hot water. Well, that’s what we’re here to answer today!

At Asbury Heating, we provide boiler installations, servicing, and testing for schools across the South. In the guide below, we explore why it’s important to have hot water available in your school, what the law has to say about it, and what you can do to guarantee a steady supply.

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    Why Is Having Hot Water Available in Your School Important?

    Handwashing is a cornerstone of good hygiene, especially in crowded places like schools where germs and diseases can easily spread. While washing with any temperature water is better than skipping it altogether, hot water is much more effective than cold: it’s better at breaking down greasy and oily substances, killing bacteria, and activating cleaning agents in soaps and detergents. This makes having hot water available crucial for proper hygiene.

    Of course, hot water isn’t just important for washing hands; it’s a key element in chores like rinsing dirty dishes, cleaning toilets, and mopping floors. A lack of hot water makes carrying out these essential tasks much harder, potentially leading to cross-contamination and hygiene issues.

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    What Do Legal Regulations Say About Requiring Hot Water in Schools?

    In the UK, the School Premises (England) Regulations 2012 require schools to have “an adequate supply of hot and cold water” in toilets and washing facilities. Failing to meet these standards can lead to legal issues and reputational damage, so if your school’s hot water system isn’t working properly, you should arrange emergency repairs and servicing as soon as possible. It’s best to address the issue before the school opens, but if that’s not possible, aim to resolve it on the same day.

    Trust Asbury for Expert School Boiler Servicing and Repairs in the South

    Having a reliable supply of hot water is necessary for maintaining good health and hygiene. Overlooking it can have major consequences for students, staff, and the facility itself, so make sure your school has hot water at every tap by talking to the team at Asbury today.

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